Clockwork enhances direct investment activity for private market investors, mitigating risk and increasing returns. We offer services and technology to investors and management teams to streamline operations and increase investment efficiency.


Clockwork™ services: streamlined, customized, and secure due diligence for global private market investors across stages. We eliminate behavioral bias through a standardized and quantified investment review to identify red flags and discrepancies.

We complement existing due diligence operations to increase analyst, deal team, and organizational productivity, facilitating the evaluation of a higher volume of concurrent opportunities.


Clockwork™ systematizes active management of company financials and operations to provide a constant pulse on the cash position and activities of the business. We integrate relevant systems and develop customized sales & expense trackers, while refining financials projections, with software that links real time activity to pro-forma reports.

Our tech-enabled approach enhances data-based decision making, investor readiness, and accounting preparation for management teams.


In conjunction with our financial management offering, Clockwork drives business intelligence by synthesizing key data to better understand company performance. We enable the analysis of sales channel effectiveness, product mix performance, and customer purchasing behavior.


Clockwork™ Universe, our proprietary software to enable deal evaluation and monitoring, streamline and centralize transaction data, share best practices and methodologies, and optimize operations for efficient capital deployment and management.


Clockwork™ Universe is systematizing 
the review of global investments, enhancing capability for on-demand and ongoing deal evaluation.